Tuesday, March 6, 2012

#TooColdGiveAway: (4) White IPhone 4S w/ 1 year FREE service (4) Apple IPad 2's. (4) 2012 Grand AM Rolex Series Race Tickets. (4) 2012 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Race Tickets.

D1 Pro Drifter/Racecar driver Philip Hampton has partnered with the #1 unsigned music artist in the world "Tha Joker" aka "JokerTooCold" to create the "TooCold Giveaway" to raise awareness of African-Americans in motorsports. The winner of the "TooCold Giveaway" will receive the all of the prizes listed below once the Facebook & YouTube requirements of the giveaway are met AND...

If the listed YouTube Channels reach the required number of 6,000 Subscribers EACH, the contest prizes will be DOUBLED.

1. (4) White IPhone 4S with 1 year of FREE phone (per phone).
2. (4) Apple IPad 2's.
3. (4) Tickets to ANY Grand AM Rolex Series race in 2012.
4. (4) Tickets to ANY NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race in 2012.

Use hashtag "#TooColdGiveAWay" to help spread word of the giveaway.

Requirements: The listed Facebook & YouTube pages must have 3,000 'Likes' each. (Joker channel's Facebook 33,000 & YouTube 17,000)

Double Prize Requirements: Listed Facebook & YouTube pages must have 6,000 'Likes' each AND 6,000 Subscribers each. The winner(s) of the "TooCold Giveaway" will be randomly chosen after the requirements are reached. (Joker channel's Facebook 36,000 & YouTube 20,000)

Facebook Pages: 

YouTube Channels:


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Partners of this giveaway include:
Jacques Villeneuve
Nitto Legends